Riot over Boledo machine

Belizeans who buy lottery and jackpot take their gamble rather seriously. Most buyers around the country have to tune in on the radio for the draw at 10a.m. But, several other enthusiasts in Belize City have taken to the habit of going out to witness the draw live, tickets in hand. Well, YESTERDAY morning police had to be called out to the draw of the first prize at the Old Treasury Building in Belize City. The Sunday Lottery draw consists of first, second and third prize with four digits each. So, a machine which has been used for about two years now is brought out on the steps and loaded with forty ping pong balls. But, like less than a handful of occasions before, the ball in the second chamber was taking long to emerge during the draw for the first prize. Reports are that this time around they were also taking longer than normal to decide how to resolve the situation and that is when the crowd started heating up and became rowdy. Police had to be called to intervene after two observers went up to the board to erase the numbers that had been written down by a supervisor. Thereafter, the draw continued with the second and third prize. Some are calling for the return of the barrel system

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