Rise and Shine Determines Appreciation Telethon This Saturday

vlcsnap-2013-11-22-21h26m29s98Theleton DollarsThis past Saturday, Plus TV’s Morning Show, Rise and Shine Belize hosted its second annual appreciate telethon. Rise and Shine has become an increasingly popular local program in the country that offers extensive analysis about current affairs.   It also adds  excellent and sane entertainment on just your everyday tips for living. The purpose of the telethon is to raise funds for the continuation of the work done by Rise and Shine. With more on the telethon, here is host Mr. Louis Wade.

$100,000 sign pictureMr. Louis Wade Jr.:  “This year we have set a goal of $100,000 and we are hoping that we will be vlcsnap-2013-11-22-21h29m32s169able to achieve, maybe even exceed that amount”.

Reporter:  “I understand also that when persons donate, they can also receive some gift items; tell me about that aspect”.

 Mr. Louis Wade Jr.:  “Yes, we have our famous Rise and Shine cup.  So, we have a new design that we are going to unfold this year of the Rise and Shine cup, so that people can over time have the entire cup of Rise and Shine cups. Rise and Shine mugSo there is  a new Rise and Shine cup that we are going to debut.  Last year we gave out Plus TV key chains; this year for the first time we will have rise and Shine key chains.  There are people across the nation who watch the program and enjoy the program, we get quite  a bit of feedback from our viewers, so this is an opportunity where we are asking viewers to contribute  a little bit to help Rise and Shine remain on air, but also to improve in what Rise and Shine does”. 

Pledges that were made at last year’s telethon was about $54,000 and of that some 32,000 came in. This year’s goal is a hundred thousand dollars.

Clock pictureLouis Wade Jr.:  “This year we have set a goal of a hundred thousand dollars and we are hoping dollar signthat we will be able to achieve, maybe even exceed that amount”.

Although the telethon started at 9 a.m. and right here on Plus TV, the goal has not yet been accomplished; pledges and donors are still welcome.

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