Rise and Shine discusses God, Family, and Abortion

Abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy and while there are natural abortions, there are induced ones. For decades the debate on induced abortion has occupied homes, schools, court rooms and parliament. In Belize, however, there has yet to be sufficient practical dialogue on the air waves. But there is now one organization that has taken on the task of educating and engaging adolescent females and women on a number of  topics relating to self, God and the family, and that includes abortion. Representatives from the United Christian Women’s Alliance Belize were guests on Thursday morning’s Rise and Shine where two of the ladies gave personal testimonies on their experience with abortion. First was Kishna Brackett, whose mother became gravely ill at the time she was carrying Kishna and was advised by doctors to terminate the pregnancy.

Kishna Brackett:

vlcsnap-2013-08-16-12h19m57s210In my mom’s case, she had a very rough pregnancy with me.  She was extremely sick during the whole pregnancy.  Around the second or third month, the doctor told her she had to abort me.  She had no other choise, no other option.  She was shocked.  She was stunned.  She grew up believing that abortion was wrong, and so she went with the decision to keep me, and here I am.  Nothing happened to me.

Sometimes our young women in this nation, and even globally, they struggle with “Should I keep the baby or not?”  [This could be] because of finances, circumstances, whatever they’re involved with, but when you cling to God’s Word, when you cling to God, He will make a way. He made a way for my Mom.  He made a way for me.  God can turn around any situation for the better. 

So I’m just extending an invitation to the young women, you don’t have to be a Christian, but come on out to the conference, and you’ll get a whole new perspective on abortion and ways on how you can impact your own circle of friends, especially young women.

Then there’s Shalwa Leslie, who survived three botched abortions and is now committed to reducing the procedure in Belize.

Shalwa Leslie:

vlcsnap-2013-08-16-13h21m30s22I like to encourage women.  A lot of the times women get down because of how they grew up, or how they came into the world. I didn’t have a grand entrance into the world.  Actually I came into the world “by chance”, because my mother tried to abort me.  She tried to abort me three times.  After that didn’t succeed, she tried to kill me.  After that she told one person, “If you don’t take this baby today, I’m going to kill her.”  That is how I got a home.  Many, many Belizeans come into the world like that.  I am not an exception.  Many of us don’t even know our parents, our mothers.  I met a boy, and he doesn’t know where he was born in Belize. He had no clue which District   he came from.  He just doesn’t know.  Women, because we are nurturers,  because that is natural for us, you cannot become a woman, you are a woman, because that is embedded in you.  You cannot add nurturing into you.

Life doesn’t actually start when you have sex.    Actually, I was made when God  thought about me.  In his mind, I was already life.  He revealed this to me, and I was like “Wow.  So you mean to say that I was born when you just talk about me?”  That is awesome and that is wonderful.  There is absolutely no accident. So now you understand that when somebody wants to kill you, you understand what a destiny you have, what a great wonderful destiny you have.  All the children in Belize have that very same destiny.  It’s up to the “nurturers”.  Today, we are taking that stand.  We are taking hold of that, because we naturally have it in us to step forward and to take.  We naturally as women, we cannot deny that.  This is what needs to be done now.

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