Road Safety Project launches two week training course

The Road Safety Project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health launched  a two week training today in Belmopan. The training is titled “Basic Life Support training and Medical First Response Programme.” Official Opening ceremonies were held at the Ministry of Works Conference Room in Belmopan .

Errol Gentle – CEO, Ministry of Works & Transportvlcsnap-2015-07-27-11h08m48s160

“These training, ladies and gentlemen, are in line with the post crash response objectives identified within the road safety project and also identified in the strategic  plan  2030 which is building, supplementing and strengthening the emergency medical systems , at all levels, with full capacity to handle accidents in general and traffic accident in particular, in order to reduce the fatalities and the consequences, meet emergency medical requirements and reach standards similar to other regional nations.”

“These should be contributed to improve the learning experiences and to providing greater flexibility for the professionals to recognise several life treating emergencies, provide CPR to victims of all ages   among other skills in a safe and timely manner. With the transfer of knowledge and skills by the instructors of BERT, this should enhance performance and improve outcome in this field of work.”


Classes actually commence on Monday . The training is being facilitated by the Belize Emergency Response Team. At the end of the programme participants will be qualified as medical first responders.

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