Road safety: why some drivers still don’t get it

The 4th annual symposium on disaster management sponsored by the Central Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) in Belize City has been a staple associated with the start of the hurricane season. Previous events each dealt with a different aspect of hurricane preparedness: overall emergency management, flooding management and climate change. This year’s event, according to chair of CEMO and Mayor of Belize City Darrell Bradley, focuses on road safety and strategies for mitigating the loss of life from accidents. The two-day symposium is being held in conjunction with the national Road Safety Project sponsored by the Caribbean Development Bank. According to the Mayor, road improvements within Belize City and on the major highways have led to less fatal accidents, but progress still brings problems in relation to driver behaviour:   Bradley says Belize City and its sister municipalities are not about to slack off in enforcement. Mayor Bradley explains how the Project has assisted municipalities in enforcing traffic laws within their jurisdictions The Road Safety Project reports regularly to Government bodies.vlcsnap-2016-06-09-15h34m36s109

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