Roaring Creek Barber shop burnt to the ground

There was a fire in Roaring Creek Village where a barber shop with all its equipment was burned to the ground. It is believed to be an act of arson. We spoke to the owner of the business, Mervin Jordon.

Mervin Jordon

 I have a small Barbershop that I normally operate out of.  I was called last night about 2:43 a.m. and when I arrived at the location the building was already engulfed and there was not a lot that we could do to save anything at all. The police had called the fire department and they arrived 30 minutes afterwards but there was nothing they could do to save anything. Normally I do a routine which is to turn off everything. When I left somewhere around 6:30 yesterday evening. I do not want to make any judgment concerning arson but the police came and said that they are treating the situation as an act of arson. So I am still awaiting for their final assessment for the fire department to come and do the investigation. I have somewhere around $15000 invested here. All my trimming equipment Barber chair, AC unit everything is gone; and I am hoping that I can rebuild and start over because this is how I made my daily bread and how I support my family. i would like the assistance of anyone who can help. We are willing to accept any support to help rebuild the structure and to move on from there.. .

Jordon says if anyone has any information on this act of arson, please contact the police department. Also, if persons would like to assist Jordon in getting his business restarted, they can call 669 3439.

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