Roaring Creek Blood Feud

This week saw two of the most grotesque murders we have seen in a long time. On Tuesday, the body of Edilberto Madrid was discovered decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled. 24 hours later, on Wednesday Police discovered the body of  Steve Hyde who was decapitated, dismembered and buried in a shallow grave at his cousin’s farm. Today we spoke to the grieving mother of Steve Hyde who recounted the last time she saw her son alive

Viola Spence – Mother of Steve Hydevlcsnap-2015-05-29-12h41m42s83

“Monday was a holiday. Steven came and said, ‘Mammy, I came to spend half day with you and half day with my sister.’ I told my granddaughter  it sounds strange, I don’t know if he felt anything or anyway. He went to his sister and spent half day and came back and spent the rest with me. The evening, I sat down and said,’ Deeds, you done eat?’ He said, ‘Yes mammy.’ He said something about a hammock. I said that I have two and that he can have one.  He brought some shirt from his sister and some socks. The Monday evening he went and said he is going to the place he works to tend to something and he went. The Tuesday Morning, we heard people saying that Steven is missing. I said how will Steven be missing if he left from here on Monday? When the police came they asked me if anyone was threatening him and I told them no.  At that time my son was already dead.  From the Monday night they slaughtered my son. When they searched the farm, they found my son in a shallow grave with his legs cut off, hands and neck and everything. It is hard, it is hard to know my son died like this.”vlcsnap-2015-05-27-11h41m14s206

The body of Steve Hyde was found in much the same condition as the body of Edilberto Madrid: decapitated and dismembered, however the postmortem examination reveals that Hyde died from a single gunshot wound to the head. The grieving mother of 28 year old Edilberto Madrid said her son was in Guatemala last week Friday and she told him to stay there for the weekend because the police were looking for him

Marina Bejerano – Mother of Edilberto Madrid (Translated)vlcsnap-2015-05-29-12h44m42s187

I said, ‘Don’t come stay with your sister, because the police is looking for you.’ He said, ‘no, I won’t stay anywhere because I am Belizean and I am not doing anything I work hard for my living.’ On Saturday night when he came to visit he said, you know they keep judging me and judging me it’s better I become a pastor and go an preach. Yes those were the last words he said to me and I never heard anything else from him because I didn’t see him again. Sunday morning I didn’t see him. He didn’t speak to me again. Sometimes in the morning he would come and he has his bottle of coffee here so I can make him his coffee because he loved his coffee. My son didn’t smoke drugs, my son didn’t drink, but they used to judge him. But I can’t vouch for him because I’m just his mother.”

There have been three murders in Roaring Creek in the month of May. First,   Rosalee Galvez, the wife of Russell Hyde was shot and killed while driving home in the family truck. Then Edilberto Rodriguez, believed to be closely associated with Russell, turned up dead and his body mutilated. 24 hours later 51 year old Steve Hyde, the cousin and a worker of Russell Hyde turned up dead, his body also mutilated. The investigation is still fairly young at this moment but police believe that at least the last two murders are related.

vlcsnap-2015-05-29-12h49m47s67Supt. Howell Gillett – OC, Belmopan Police
“I wouldn’t say they’re similar. They are different. What we believe is that the first killing was a revenge killing and the second led from the first one. The first incident led to the second one, without going into the details because there is an active investigation were I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the investigation so far. Our investigations, I would say it it is very encouraging so far. We are progressing smoothly. We here at Belmopan believes that the two pass murders are correlated. To say that the first, Mrs. Galvez, I have no evidence to say that yes it is related. That is our thinking at this time. I am not at liberty to call anybody’s names because we have not preferred charges against anyone. We have three persons as I alluded to earlier, in custody


“In terms of the charging of those persons, today will make it 48 hours. Ahave you all made any charges and formally arraigning any of these three?”.

Supt. Howell Gillett

“What the media needs to understand is that an investigation is a drawn out process. There are certain things that we can do and things that we cannot do. If the person’s 48 hours will expire, then we have to resort to another plan.”


Police may or may not press charges today. And while the two deceased are well known to police, the family of Steve Hyde say that he was trying to change his ways.

Viola Spence – Mother of Steve Hyde

“He said that he want to change and he wanted to leave there to look for another job but he never did.”


“You think it’s someone who knew him that murdered him?”

Viola Spence

 “They are cousins. They found him on his cousin’s farm that he use to work with, in the shallow grave.” 


“Given that it appears to be that it is something within the family. What would you expect to happen by way of justice?”

Viola Spence

“If they found him on the farm, it must concern with the people who lives on the farm. That’s all I can say. “


“Did he stay lone?’

Viola Spence

“He stays alone. He is 51. He does not have  a child or anybody. It’s just me, his sister and his mom. It hurts me in my heart. I don’t know if I can get over this. Why did they cut up my son like this? Why?

Police had a meeting earlier today with the affected families of the recent murders to express their condolences and reassurance.

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