Roaring Creek Man Murdered Near His House

Belmopan police station’s unsolved murder cases are piling up and now there is another murder to solve. As we reported on Monday, there was a murder in the village of Roaring Creek around 6:30 pm., where it is believed that a lone gun man killed a 61 year old resident of Roaring Creek.

Emanuel Pech followed up on the story and has this report.


Emanuel Pech – Plus News

vlcsnap-2015-02-11-08h37m24s45 A 61 year old man was gunned down about 50 yards from his home in Roaring Creek Village on Monday February 9th.

According to reports,  John Smith, better known as Jatta, was walking home on Young Street after what appeared to be a normal day. But it was not a normal day for Smith as a lone gun man, dressed in camouflage and wearing a stockings over his face, approached Smith and fired a single gunshot which hit him on the left side of the face, fatally wounding him. The incident happened around news time and relatives say they heard the gun go off but mistook it for the sound of harmless pop-shots. Nothing could prepare them for what came next.”


vlcsnap-2015-02-11-08h47m12s186Marcia Samuels – Sister of Deceased

[Paraphrased] “I was in my bedroom watching the news, when I heard a noise and I thought it was pop-shots.  I got up and dropped right back down. 

My daughter called me and told me he was killed. 

I don’t know why they killed my brother, because he didn’t trouble anyone.”





vlcsnap-2015-02-11-08h54m02s29Arlet Patnett – Niece of Deceased

[Paraphrased] “I went and identified him, and called my mom.  I said mom, come, because they killed Uncle Jatta.  She ran out.

I saw blood coming through his ears and his mouth.

I called my mom.  She came and straightened his head and his foot and closed his eyes properly. 

Then we waited for the police.”


According to the family the neighbours saw the gunman but could not identify him.


vlcsnap-2015-02-11-08h37m14s190Arlet Patnett

[Paraphrased] “My neighbour was right at her gate.  She didn’t think it was gunshots, she thought it was pop-shots.  She thought that the pop-shots had frightened him, and he dropped down. 

The other neighbour called and he said it was gunshots that he got.

Apparently they saw the person but they had on camouflage and long black pants, with rubber boots and stockings over his  head.  We didn’t see inside.

The other people say they saw them, but couldn’t say who they were. When my neighbour rushed out she was frightened because the person was still standing  behind her vehicle, checking to see if he was dead.  So they wanted him dead.

So when they see that,  the person took his time walking away.  Nobody followed him.   When they reached the end of the road, they ran into the bush.”


vlcsnap-2015-02-11-09h13m46s91Family and friends say John Smith used to frequent this Cool Spot, sometimes spending his entire day helping out in any way he can.

As a matter of fact Bernette Smith, the owner of Bernett Smith Cool Spot, says he left this place around 6:30 pm last night, as he often does. Ten minutes later they received the news that he was shot dead.


vlcsnap-2015-02-11-09h14m19s152Bernette Smith – Owner of Cool Spot

[Paraphrased] “He said he was my brother, because he’s a Smith and I’m a Smith.  Every morning he calls, sometimes five o’clock in the morning. 

He comes to chill out with us.  He helps me clean my place.  I give him a little money and I feed him. He sits here till nighttime with us.   

Last night he told me he was going home.  I gave him some meat and he ate it. 

He said he had some purge in a bag. He said he was going to make some purge for him and his mother. 

He said ‘Good Night.’    So he went with the bag.  He said he would not be out early tomorrow because he would take the purge, and if it worked he would bring us some. 

When he left from here, one of my friends called me and told me they killed Jatta.  I said no, because Jatta just left me.  I told her I didn’t believe that.  That’s it.”


Family and friends say he had his vices in the past, but as far as they knew, he was well loved in the community and troubled no one.


Marcia Samuels

[Paraphrased]  “He told me the lady wanted coconuts grounded. He came here and used the grinder that I have to grate the lady’s coconuts.  Then he left.

When I saw him [at the scene] he had a bag with dog meat, and a bag with leaves to make a purge.”


Arlet Patnett

[Paraphrased]  “He used to be on drugs three years ago, but he stopped.  He’s a handyman here, and when he had a little  money he gave some to the children, and he’d dance for them.  He didn’t trouble anyone. So I don’t know why anyone would want to kill him.  He tried to hustle food for my dog.   So he had a bag of dog meat, and a bag with leaves to make a purge for people out there.”


Reporting for Plus News, Emanuel Pech.


The Body of 61 year old John Smith was taken to the Western Regional Hospital on Monday, where it was pronounced dead at 8:30 pm. The body now lies at the morgue awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Police say they have no suspects or motive at this time.

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