Roaring creek men shot; one dead, other hospitalized

One man is dead and another critical in the hospital after they were both shot early Saturday morning in the village of Roaring Creek.The two men, Allan Garbutt and Jermaine Welcome,were sitting on the verandah of Allan Garbutt’s home, eating fried chicken and socialising just before 1:30 that morning when a lone gunman opened fire on them from the outside of the yard.Bullets tore through the windows and curtains and hit the concrete walls of the home; they also found their marks, the two men. The men, ran around the house to try and escape the shots but both fell injured in the yard. 24-year-old Allan Garbutt of Roaring Creek Village was shot to the right hip and shoulder and 24-year-old Jermaine Welcome, also of Roaring Creek Village, was shot to his lower back..Jermaine Welcome passed away an hour later while undergoing surgery while Allan Garbutt  remains hospitalized for his injuries. We spoke to the mother of Allan Garbutt , Miss Winnie Garbutt, who was awakened by the bullets hitting her house and her son.

Voice of :Winnie Garbutt – Mother of Victim

“They said they were going to buy some food, so I told them,’alright.’ They gone and when I inna my bed, just the look fi drop asleep when I hear three shots. When I hear the three shots, I jump up. When I jump up, I said,’ hmm that dah police.’ I stoop down low and hauled my curtain. When I haul my curtain, I said, “dah noh no police, dah something wrong.’ I gwen towards my son room, when I heard my phone ring. When my phone ring my son seh mommy, mommy come outside they shot up mi. And when I rush vlcsnap-2015-04-14-12h11m01s79outside and I run soh I noh find ah. So I halla fu ah like five times – Allen weh yu deh. I done seh my baby dead. And da when ih seh mommy, mommy sih mi down ya…da when ih drop down deh by the step. Ih seh mommy they shot mi up. When I gawn ova ah da because the blood deh dash. An ih seh mommy wait sih Jermaine ova deh soh. When I peep ova deh Jermaine lay out too. Dah soh I rvlcsnap-2015-04-14-12h10m36s80ush and when I rush I gone hail one of my cousin weh sleep in that van. I told him, ‘get up Eric get up, they just done shot up Allen and Jermaine. ”

Ms. Winnie rushed over to her cousin who lives in a van near to the house and told him to come help her son and his friend who had been shot. They managed to pick up the two men and place them in a car before they sped off to the emergency room at the Western Regional hospital in Belmopan. Ms Winnie says that Jermaine was also still speaking while they were on their way to the hospital.

Voice of : Winnie Garbutt

“Meanwhile we gwein Jermaine seh Miss Wendy I noh wah mek it because I noh deh breathe. So I tell ah hold up hold up. He hold mi pon mi two shoulder an ih seh Miss Wendy I noh wah mek it. Da time we done reach da di hospital. When we reach da because when they rush een Jermaine and Allen, they come out back and seh Jermaine dead. Right now they deh operate pon Allen. They finish da Belmopan and they rush ah da Belize.”

When asked if she knew of any reason her son and Jermaine were targeted, she said she asked her son that very question and he said he was totally surprised and had his back to the street when the shots were fired because he didn’t have any reason to believe he would be a target.There have been several shootings in Roaring Creek since the start of this year and in this particular area of Roaring Creek specifically; but Ms. Winnie says the victims have all been innocent people. She told us more about the deceased Jermaine Welcome who partly lived at her home.vlcsnap-2015-04-14-12h10m26s235

Voice of :Winnie Garbutt

“I noh know. I coulda neva tell. I noh know because da innocent people deh get shot. Because da lee bwoy deh me noh know he as no trouble bwoy. So da innocent bwoy. And di next shot weh happen ova deh same way. They people da innocent people weh they deh shot. Soh I noh know weh deh happen. I noh know weh deh tek place.”

 Allan Garbutt is enlisted at the KHMH as critical but stable while the family of Jermaine Welcome plan his funeral. Police say they recovered 5 expended shells from the scene of the crime.

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