Roaring Creek Police Substation Gets Upgraded

police BZEWho can forget the eerie months September and October of last year that rocked the village of Roaring Creek in Cayo with heinous acts of murder and attempted murder. Furthermore, the police statistics for the year 2013 noted an increase in the level of crime in the rural areas surrounding Belmopan.

An initiative to enhance the level of performance of the Roaring Creek police substation has hence forth gone into effect. Western Regional Commander Supt. Aaron Guzman detailed to us some of the adjustments that are being made to improve the level of performance of the Roaring Creek Substation.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-18h46m30s239Supt. Aaron Guzman- Western Regional Commander

 “We have made a decision that rather than having only two police men in Roaring Creek, we have added on six extra officers, a Toyota Pickup from BNE.  They will be responsible to patrol from Franks Eddy coming down to Black Man Eddy West.  They will do Valley of Peace, a portion of Spanish Lookout initially.  Eventually, when we add on a couple of more officers, they will go all te way to Santa Marta on the Hummingbird Highway”.

These improvements in the substation, says Supt. Guzman, will shorten the rate of time it takes for an officers to respond to a report. According to Guzman, having a police station in the immediate area will also allow police officers to be more engaged in the various rural communities surrounding Belmopan.

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-18h47m22s82Supt. Aaron Guzman:  “That also helps the officers to be in the immediate area where they can visit the schools, the Justices of the Peace, the Chairman or the Chair -lady of each village.  So, it is just a present day policing to try to be closer to the community and it is sort of the policing concept that is being done in Belize City, just because it is in the district and it is a little bit more spread out.  We hope to improve on our services for this area”.

According to Supt Guzman, the Minister of National Security, has committed himself to invest for further improvements at the substation all aimed at having a fully functioning 24 hour station

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-19h05m12s26Supt. Aaron Guzman:  “The Minister has committed to putting out to build a small building to accommodate the officers as a barrack room.  That will make that more officers sleep here rather than only the officer that lives upstairs.  I must say that eth Ministry of Works CEO Gentle, Mr. Louis Wade, and Mr. Patnett, there are two more gentlemen, (Mr. Madrid and the other gentlemen) who are assisting us in doing some renovation inside like some painting and final touch ups.  We hope that this station initially will be open until midnight.  After midnight, it’s the living officer. Within two months, we should be open the 24 hours”.

Those wishing to contact the Roaring Creek Substation for any report or complaint you can do so at 8020402. If the substation appears to be closed at any point you wish to make a complaint or a report, Supt Aaron Guzman encourages citizens to make use of the substation’s number.


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