Three minors from the Village of Roaring Creek attempted to steal horses in the Rivera Area of Belmopan on Sunday. Their plans were foiled when community members attempted to catch them. Paul Lopez files this report from the Rivera Community

Paul Lopez, Reporter, PlusTV: On Sunday, three minors from the Roaring Creek community entered the Rivera to steal horses, but they were unsuccessful. Community members tell us that the quick response of police foiled their plan. When police reached the area, they ensued in a chase behind the boys on horses. The chase ended up in this area where police were able to detain 3 of the young men. We understand that the community got together and assisted the police in the detention of these young men. One of the young men were chopped during the process of the robbery. One community member tells us the little that she saw.

Community Member, Rivera Area, Belmopan: The person went over to by where the bushes were, and they were being followed by the police officers who were in search for them but I did not recognize anyone. I don’t know who the persons are. It seems like it was many, but from here, I couldn’t make it out. I saw some in vehicles and I saw some on motorcycles.

Paul Lopez, Reporter, PlusTV: This community member says that she is in fear because a lot of similar activities have been happening in the community.

Community Member, Rivera Area, Belmopan: I am afraid because we need more protection. We frequently see many people who are not from this area around here. We are scared because this entire area offers no type of security.

Paul Lopez, Reporter, PlusTV: According to the police, these young men are the same young men that have been terrorizing the community in Rivera with robberies. The young men were detained and later released. This is Paul Lopez reporting for Plus News.

The minor who sustained the chop wound was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital and later transported to the KHMH in Belize City.

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