Robbers dressed as cops hit businesses in Belize City

There have been two disturbing reports of robberies in Belize City. While, robberies are common enough in Belize City, these ones are particularly disturbing, prompting police to issue a public advisory for business establishments to be careful. That’s because, within the last 24 hours, there have been two robberies by persons claiming to be police officers. The first incident happened at Harpy Security Firm located on Antelope Street Extension, Belize City. Sometime around 12:10 a.m. an employee heard someone at the front door and went to make checks. She saw a male person dressed in a khaki button-down shirt, tucked inside a blue pants and a black warm hat on his head. The man identified himself as a “Police Officer saying that he was there to make checks on the business place. The employee says  she opened the front grill door and allowed him to enter. Upon entering, the male person pulled out a knife from his pants waist and grabbed her by the neck, took her inside the main office where he demanded that she open one of the doors and he went inside and started to search. He then went back to the main office and told her that he has been watching the place for a while and that he knows her family and she should not to call for the Police. He then left. She then called her supervisor who made checks and found out that nothing was stolen. Then the second incident happened at 11:40 p.m that same day.  A security guard at  CBC parking lot on C Street Belize City was inside the compound to the back armed with his company’s .38 revolver loaded with 5 live .38 rounds. The security guard heard a loud banging and saw a light coming from the front of the compound and heard someone shouting “Police Police come out”. He went to make checks  where he met two Hispanic male persons dressed in what appeared to be police uniforms. The men informed him that they had received a call that an illegal firearm was concealed on the premises and that a search would be conducted. One was armed with a 12 gauge shotgun and was wearing a police uniform with a maroon sweater. The other person also wearing a police uniform and a green sweater had a flash light in his hand. Believing they were police officers, the security guard let the two persons proceed with their search, however, nothing was found. The person with the flash light then requested that the security guard show his firearm which he had on him. The guard complied and took out the gun. It was then that the person took away the gun from him and informed him that he would  be taken to the police station for questioning. They then proceeded to tie his hands leaving him at the location.  Police’s advisory says that based on these incidents, business owners are strongly encouraged to revisit their security systems and mechanisms in order to safeguard their businesses and properties, especially firearms. The release also says that anyone identifying themselves as police officers should be asked for their police identification card. When in doubt, seek confirmation by calling 911 or your police precinct in your area.

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