Robbery in Ladyville turns violent

There was a robbery in Ladyville where store owners and customers alike were beaten. On February 14th at 1:30 p.m., 36 year old Christopher Martinez, a Belizean Delivery Supervisor and truck driver of Bowen and Bowen Ltd,  was at Mike’s Store on Manta Ray Boulevard, Ladyville Village. Martinez was at the counter balancing off his sales for the day when one of his side men shouted a warning to him. That ‘s because four male persons were running towards Martinez, three with their shirts over their faces and one had on a black Cap. Two of the men were armed. The man with the searched Martinez’s pockets and took out $2,500.  Also present at the time of the incident was the owner of Mike’s Store , 60 year old Zhu Chu Wu . The robbers also took an undisclosed amount of money from him but also proceeded to beat the elderly man. He received several injuries to the body and was transported for medical treatment.  The robbers didn’t stop there however, a customer in the shop at the time, 41 year old Saul Roman Barillas, was also beaten and he received a large cut wound to the right side of the head and had to be transported for medical treatment as well.   Police investigation has led to the discovery of a homemade firearm but no arrests so far.

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