Rochelle Chan was connected to Danny Mason news in 2016

Now, if the name Rochelle Chan rings any bells outside of the Senate Hearings, it’s because he has been the subject of a news item before; one connected to William Danny Mason. Mason, the man found with the head of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas in his truck, had told the media back in August of last year,  that he was being framed by police because he had a lot of information on them. Back then, Mason had said that , ACP Edward Broaster, the Officer Commanding Eastern Division Rural had, on numerous occasions, solicited donations from him via Assistant Superintendent Rochelle Chan, who is the Officer Commanding the Hattieville Police Station, which falls within Broaster’s jurisdiction.  For his part, Chan told the media back then that he did meet Mason when one of  Mason’s employees ran into some trouble. Somehow, through that chanced meeting, Mason offered a helping hand to the police in the form of donations. Chan admitted to the media that he requested assistance from Danny Mason in the form of vehicles and a new structure to house the Mahogany Heights police station. However, Chan says Mason’s promises never materialized.vlcsnap-2017-06-03-16h26m45s121 vlcsnap-2017-06-03-16h26m59s336

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