Roger Anthony out on bail for attempted murder

Ex-boss of Ghosttown Crips Roger Anthony applied for bail at the Supreme Court today and got it.

He is accused of attempting to murder Sheldon “Shelly” Meighan, mother of his intended targets Ellis Jr. and Tyrone Meighan, with whom he was reportedly involved in a battle for leadership of the group, by shooting at her house on Banak Street on Sunday night, October 26.

Only two weeks before the incident, Mr Anthony appeared publicly with Inspector Mark Flowers, Commander of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU), renouncing the gang lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.

He now gets a second chance after making bail of $5,000 offered by Justice Denis Hanomansingh. He must surrender all his travel documents, report to Queen Street Police Station once per week for the duration of his case, and not interfere with any witnesses. He is accused along with 23 year old Kendis Flowers of Fabers Road and returns to court on December 18.

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