Roger Banner of Roaring Creek killed over drugs

Police have given details of the third murder reported from over the weekend, that of a Roaring Creek man, 29 year old Roger William Banner, who police say was shot multiple times to the body and head as he sat on the canal rail speaking to his girlfriend. The incident took place on West Canal near Public Supermarket. Police have since detained three persons in connection with this incident. This afternoon, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams indicated that Banner was targeted over drugs:

A.C.P Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-12-14h57m49s133

“On Saturday police was called to west canal Belize City that is near Publics Supermarket. Upon arrival we saw the lifeless body of Roger Banner who was lying on the streets with multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body area. He was transported to the KHMH and was pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigation into that matter so far has lead us to three persons of interest, who are currently in our custody, and we believe that the motive for that murder was drug related.”

Out of respect for the deceased, ACP Williams declined to comment on a previous run-in with Banner, who was said to be an associate of the late Russell Hyde based in Roaring Creek. He did say that Banner was in town about a drug deal when things went fatally awry for him. We did speak to Roger Banner’s mother who told us though she has not had a close relationship with her son for many years, and he has been involved in a lifestyle that they did not approve of,  the family is still hurt by the news of his murder.

Mother of Deceased

“I sympathize for him because he left my place 11 years ago and ever since then he never came back again. He was vlcsnap-2016-07-12-14h58m07s62staying in Roaring Creek for a while and after that something happened and he went to prison then he came out again. He started to travel and I heard he came to Belize and from that time now I heard he was dead on Saturday.”



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