Roman Catholic Church Does Not Support National Women’s Commission’s Rally

1901254_10203498438526224_38220955_nThis month is observed as women’s month.  There are many activities scheduled to take place all over the country in observance and one major event is the Women’s Empowerment rally, 20,000 strong scheduled for this Thursday.

The initiative is being spearheaded by the Special Envoy for women and children Mrs. Kim Simplis Barrow along with the National Women’s Commission.

Schools have already gotten the go ahead from the Ministry of Education to not have classes to ensure that the ‘20,000 women” goal is reached.  However, will the Roman Catholic schools, which represents 90% of schools in Belize, be in attendance?

That is a valid question because a press release was issued today from the Roman Catholic chancery office saying that while the Roman Catholic church in Belize acknowledges and celebrates the women in Belize, they are not supporting the rally.  The release says in part;

“The Roman Catholic Church of Belize acknowledges and celebrates the women of Belize and beyond during the month of March. The Church celebrates the dignity of all women and condemns all forms of violence, aggression and disrespect of women and is deeply sympathetic to the social problems faced by the women and has throughout the ages championed the cause of women.

The greatest of all the Saints that the Church celebrates and holds out as an example for the faithful, is a woman, Mary mother of Jesus….The Roman Catholic Church does not endorse the 20,000 Women’s Rally because the invitation does not speak to the complimentary role between men and women as taught to us by Christ through His Church.

Gender policy itemFurthermore, the National Women’s Commission promotes values that contradict Christian and moral teachings regarding the respect for all human life, family, marriage, and human sexuality as ordered by God.

We do not believe that the well-being of women can be enhanced by advocacy which promotes abortion and so called pseudo-rights of men and women and same sex relationships.

Our church is guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ , who commands us to love one another. In the spirit of this love, we wholeheartedly support the cause of women and womanhood but will not be persuaded to accept or promote any group which teaches or advocates violence against the unborn or any disordered sexual activity which violates the teaching and doctrine of Holy Mother Church.” 

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