Roots and Honor releases new music video and single

MD & The R1pple 3ffect Band released their first music video off the album ‘Giant Slayer EP’ for the single, GIANT SLAYER. Giant Slayer is the official second single from their album, Giant Slayer EP (Extended Play), which was released in February 2015. The video was shot in three days during February at various locations in Belmopan and directed by FPS Media.  Today, Mervin Budram, song writer and artist, was on Rise and Shine to promote the video which seeks to address the issues of bullying and addictions


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I felt that I wanted to highlight that we as people-  we as humans know that God has given us the tools to overcome the giants.  I am labelling giants as anything that coming after you, anything that is trying to put you down, anything that is stopping you from entering into

Louis Wade – Host, Rise and Shine

“They seem so huge,”


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“Yes and sp you see in the video, we have an image of a giant and we will see on it ‘My Giant,’ because you can personalize it, Whatever your giant is, God has given you tools and weapons to overcome it. God has given us the ability to overcome. So what I am hoping the video inspires others to rise up and don’t feel like you just gotta take it and be beaten down. You can rise up and draw the line will no longer be suppressed. For that as a nation, that’s huge. We need to rise up and draw the line and say no more, we will make a difference. ”


The song and video fall under the Roots and Honor label. Also, under that label is a new single titled, “Make Me Holy” by Alida Wright. She was also a guest on the show and spoke about her journey to the release of this single. [


Alida Wright – Artist

“That song came out of my quiet time actually. It was one Sunday morning before church., it was raining pretty steadily like it does here in Belize sometime. it was a nice cool morning and the words just all of a sudden flow. I’ve been praying and reading my Bible and singing through some old hymns actually when it came to me. and just the importance as a worship leader, what ever spirit I have in me, I’m putting that out there into the atmosphere. And that morning I just wanted God to make me holy so that I can stand before the people and help usher them into the presents of God.”


Both songs can be found on Itunes while the music video can be found at mervdouglasmusic. com

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