Confiscated Rosewood on the move from Belmopan

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-20h44m58s29PlusTV received information from credible sources within the Forestry department  late this afternoon that the confiscated rosewood flitches which were located at the Forestry compound in Belmopan, were being moved.  This sparked our interest because we know that both the Minister of Forestry, Lisell Amaliila, and the chief forest officer are currently out of the country. We were told that the rosewood were going back to Vega, et al , which we cannot confirm. However, we were also told that the rosewood were being vlcsnap-2013-04-08-20h43m48s54moved from three locations simultaneously; the Independence police station, Benque border, and the forestry department compound in Belmopan.  We hurried over to the Belmopan site and found that the rosewood was in fact  in the process of being moved. Only recently, the department had built several sheds to protect the rosewood from the elements. The trucks, all with Orange Walk license plates,  were indeed in the compound and were being loaded with rosewood flitches. When we made a sudden appearance on the vlcsnap-2013-04-08-20h43m18s62scene, several of the forest officers bolted from  the area where the loading was taking place. Two Asian men were in the process of giving orders and some of the loaders we recognized as players in the rosewood industry. We contacted Marcello Windsor, who is currently in charge while his superiors are out but he refused to comment on what was going on. He instead directed us to CEO Parham.  But when we went to Parham, we were told he was unavailable as he was in meetings.  We left our information requesting comment but up to news time we have received no response.

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