Round Table Discussion with the Press, but Media can’t record

vlcsnap-2014-08-15-06h31m18s107On Thursday, the US Embassy  hosted the media  to a round table discussion with the new man on the seat, Ambassador Carlos Moreno, which would have made it his second official encounter with the local press. His first was on his presenting of his credentials to the Governor General, while a  small band of protestors picketed outside.  However due to the strict protocol at the US Embassy, the media was placed under some heavy restrictions, and were not allowed to take in with any recording material nor any electronics for that matter. For that reason we are unable to bring to you full coverage of that event. Embassy personnel recorded the event and we were told footage and audio, presumably edited by the Embassy, would be provided to us. However, up to the time of our news, we had still not received it.

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