As we told you earlier, today we got to speak with the Project Engineer for the Road Safety Project in Belmopan. In that interview,  we asked about the status of the works on the Roundabout at the Guanacaste Park Junction. A contract to build the roundabout was signed with RJBvlcsnap-9851-07-27-02h53m38s014 constructions limited in January of this year. Works got under way in the latter part of February and are expected to be completed between August and October of next year. Of course the rains have somewhat impeded progress a bit but the construction continues as the roundabout begins to take shape.

James Robinson, Project Engineer, Bze Road Safety Prj:  We just had a meeting yesterday and I spoke to the contractor and he just gave me an update or what we call a revise work program, and he is saying to me that look, the concrete thing here is expected to be finished in the first week of December. Then after that he will tackle the road portions and certainly by the 1st, or 2nd week in January, he expects to complete this project.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: What is happening right now tho?

James Robinson, Project Engineer, Bze Road Safety Prj:  We are mainly focusing right now on the carriageway for the roundabout itself. Yesterday was really a serious amount of rain, and we spent all that time during the rain going through both projects vlcsnap-9757-07-17-01h27m59s069and I can tell you, like for example, we have on the Hummingbird portion right here which is a portion of Lot B, the water was coming over a number of portions, but what is happening is that we are changing and upgrading all those culverts on the Hummingbird portion, so that we could get a better capacity of carrying the water, so when we are finished with that, clearly we won’t be having that kind of flooding out again.  vlcsnap-6051-11-23-01h08m55s946

The contract for this project- Lot 4A- was signed with RJB constructions for a total of $1.9 million dollars and is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank

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