Roy Bennett fined for drug offences

vlcsnap-2013-05-20-20h28m45s12325 year old Roy Bennett, his girlfriend, his brother, 27 year old Ryan Felix, and Kimberly Ciego were charged jointly with possession of 25.4 grams of cannabis. After the shooting of Peter Castillo on Saturday, Police executed a search warrant at the home of Roy Bennett.   At the home, police found Bennett, his brother and the two females.  During the search, GSU officers found a box marked “Diamond” and inside it they found a green bag which was found at the back door of Roy’s home. Inside the bag were four plastic bags which contained cannabis. As a result all four persons were arrested and charged with possession of a controlled drug. Police also said they found another amount of weed inside Roy’s room which amounted to 0.8 grams.  In court, Roy alone was charged with an additional charge of possession of a controlled drug. Bennett wasted no time and pleaded guilty to both charges of possession of a control drugs.  Magistrate Dale Cayetano who heard the matter imposed two non-custodial sentences upon Bennett, fining him two $350.00 fines plus 2-$5.00 cost of court fines; a total of $750.00.   In mitigation, Roy told the court that an incident occurred earlier that day and he knew police would lock down the area and that is why he bought weed to stay home in lock down and relax smoking his weed for the day.   The fines were ordered to be paid by August 31, 2013. In default of payment Bennett will spend two 6 months jail terms which are to run currently.   The first charge of possession of a controlled drug was withdrawn from his brother, Ryan, Moody and Ciego. All were free to go except for Bennett’s girlfriend Alva Moody who owed the court for a previous conviction so she remains in police custody until she can pay that fine.

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