Roy “Bullet” Craig charged with Sexual Assault

 Well known Belize City Taxi Driver, 76 year old Roy “Bullet” Craig, has been arrested and charged for the offence of Sexual Assault. On the 5th of January, Craig was caught in a hotel room at Honey’s Hotel, naked, both he and a 16 year old boy. Reports are that around 7:00 p.m., the minor was walking home when he saw Craig standing beside a car. When he was about to pass him, Craig asked him if he wanted to go to a Hotel. While they were heading to the hotel room, Craig reportedly stopped at an ATM, and then at a restaurant where he purchased some beers. They then made their way to the hotel where they started drinking beers and Bullett allegedly tried to bugger the young boy. Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo spoke on this incident.vlcsnap-2018-01-09-14h55m03s569

Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo

On Thursday the 5th of January 2018 sometime minutes before 9:00 police responded to an information at Honey’s Hotel located at Dolphin Drive Belize City, upon the arrival there at room number 30 they observed a male person and a minor completely nude as a result the minor was escorted to the station and the male person was detained. So far the investigation, one person was charged on Saturday morning. That person it Mr. Roy Craig and he was charged for the offense of sexual upon a minor.

As Craig was about to approach the minor, they were interrupted by a knocking on the door by the police who had received a tip from their 911 hotline. Roy Craig was arrested and charged for the offence of Sexual Assault.

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