Ruckus at Senate Hearings; Yellow Man assaults journalists

Another session of the Senate Select Inquiry got on the way today in Belmopan and while the first witness was former Minister of State in Immigration, Elvin Penner, what stood out today was the ruckus that occurred in the gallery. The main players were UDP big shots Brian  “Yellow Man”  Audinett and Alberto August. “Yellow Man” is the Mace Bearer at the National Assembly while vlcsnap-2017-05-17-19h30m23s560Alberto August is the UDP Party Chairman. You may recall that last week Wednesday, Senator Eamon Courtenay had stopped the proceedings to complain that Alberto August was continually pointing at him as he was questioning Penner. Courtenay had asked that Alberto August be removed and while August was not removed by the Chair, he removed himself. Today, however, Alberto August was back, and he brought with him a set of rowdy UDP supporters, including “Yellow Man”.   In several instances, the Chair had to ask those in the gallery to quiet down as “Yellow Man”  and other  noise makers were throwing words at Senator Courtenay as he questioned  Penner. Here is how that went.

Aldo Salazar, Chairman, Senate Select Committee: Officer. Do you know the person who made the last comment? Sir could you please excuse yourself from the chamber. I am trying to be fair man you see I gave a warning. We will suspend the sitting. We will suspend the sitting now.vlcsnap-2017-05-17-19h41m18s604

Yellow man then told PlusTV’s camera man , who had taken out his personal cell phone to try and record what was happening in the gallery, to stop recording or else he would stone him. Our camera man proceeded with turning on his phone camera and Yellow man then threw a pen at him.

Yellowman: Move da camera or I a buss uno head

It didn’t end there, the Chair suspended the sitting and made his way to the gallery to try and talk to his fellow UDP member and settle the ruckus down. However, as Yellow man was exiting and noticed Krem’s reporter videoing him with her personal cell phone, he also attacked her. [

Alindy: Causing problems like that and disrupting the…

: No we’re concerned about the National Interest that’s allvlcsnap-2017-05-17-23h47m34s172

Alindy: But at the end of the day you are disrupting and being disrespectful to senators.  

Yellowman: Why uno like video? Uno a cause people fi bruk uno phone and so mien.

Alindy: You can try with mine.

Yellowman: Try with yours? Me nuh a try a **%^. Gyal you see that a get grab and stone it pan the ground. See da this I the tell you bout. *GRABS PHONE* You see you mia frighten and yoh heart jump.

Alindy: I wouldn’t be scared but that could actually be construed as assault as a matter of fact, because you took my personal equipment.

Yellowman:  Assault? Crazy.

When all was said and done, PlusTv’s cameraman said that Yellow man continued to threaten him once they were downstairs and so he went and made a police report.

Cirilio Choco, Cameraman, PlusTV: What happened to me was that you had yellowman getting riled up and thing and then he stoned a pen after me, and then he went up to the other camera man and then he offended him, and saying that he’ll take the camera throw him off of the gallery and things like that. But me, he threw a pen towards me. It could have been a pen, a knife, or something, then what? After the camera was set down, they were disrespecting me and hollering at me that Shamax Production a get beat up and that and that, wait until you reach down stairs cause we a deal with you. I mi friad. Done throw a pen at me, could have been a knife and now he tell me he a beat me up downstairs. Like I said we do our job. Boss says you go you take your camera. We do our job. As a media house we do our job. All that I was doing was putting my camera and capturing the events that were taking place, that’s all.


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