Run around at court for Candelaria family

For the past couple of months now, the Candelaria family has been back and forth with the case regarding the murder of their loved one, Maria vlcsnap-2016-05-31-07h45m48s417Candelaria. Candelaria’s death was a result of domestic violence. As if receiving a beating from her common- law husband wasn’t bad enough, her throat was then slit in their living room by that same common law husband, Jairo Guerra. Jario Guerra has since been in and out of court getting adjournment date after adjournment date, and the family says they are tired of it. This, unfortunately is a part of the system but the Candelaria family somehow believes that the police are shielding Guerra from them and hiding details of the case from them. Today, May 30th, was vlcsnap-2016-05-31-07h18m46s055supposed to be a court hearing for Guerra at the Magistrate’s court in Belmopan, and the family was there at court, standing outside with placards conveying their feelings. When the family arrived at the Magistrate’s Court at 9 a.m., the bailiff told them that Jario had not been brought to court as yet and that they needed to check at the police station, but when our journalist asked the bailiff if the accused had arrived as  yet, he was told that the accused was already in the court room. After waiting for about three hours outside the courtroom, the family went up to the bailiff and asked again for Guerra, but again, the answer was that he had not arrived. When the journalist asked for a second time about Guerra, the story had completely changed, and apparently, Guerra was never in the room to begin with. The daughter of the deceased expressed her feelings today outside of the court room.

Daughter of Deceased: Until today they haven’t reached at arms to tell us anything, we do not know anything. If it wasn’t for me that was behind them going to court to see what’s happening because the police hasn’t said anything to us. One official interviewed me but until today, he hasn’t said anything, I’m not sure if he’s the one carrying out the investigation. I feel dissatisfaction because the police didn’t do their job vlcsnap-2016-05-31-07h16m03s510because they told me anyways my mother was going to die because they reached 45 minutes after. My brother begged them for them to allow him to the hospital, they didn’t allow him. Half an huor later the ambulance reached, maybe if they did their job and tried to save the life of my mother, maybe it would have been possible. They aren’t doing their job how it should be.

The date the family received for the next court hearing is August 31st 2016. We will be following this story as it progresses.

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