Rural police busy with shooting, stabbing

It was a busy Monday night for police in Eastern Division (Rural). We begin with a shooting in paradise – Western Paradise to be precise. A man and his common-law wife were shot several times last night in their own home.  Eastern Division Rural Police are investigating the incident, but as we are told, they have little evidence to go on. Assistant Commissioner of Police Edward Broaster tells us more.

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South: At about eleven-thirty p.m. last night we received information of an incident at mile eight where police officers responded to. Thereafter, there was a shooting at the residence of Anthony Lewis where he was with his common-law, Emerita Bartley. Anthony Lewis received gunshot wounds to the right leg, while Emerita Bartley received gunshot wound to both her left and right ankles. Currently they are at the K.H.M.H. in a stable condition. At this time, we don’t have any suspects; the area is well dark and we are investigating that matter. The premises was shot up and they received gunshot wounds to the legs. At this time we do not have any motive for this shooting.vlcsnap-2016-06-01-10h43m18s501

As you heard, the injuries were not life threatening, and both victims are expected to fully recover. Meanwhile, two women got into a fight with weapons in Mahogany Heights village. Here again is ACP Broaster:

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South: There was a stabbing this morning. The suspect has been apprehended already and will be charged. The victim suffered injuries that are not life-threatening.

Reporter: Can you tell us more about the incident and what happened?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South: They just had a fight and the female was stabbed by the other female.

Reporter: What triggered that fight sir?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South: I cannot say at this time, I do not have the full details of that.

Police say 24 year old Tamika Gillett of Unitedville, Cayo District, was stabbed to the right eye and behind the left ear following a misunderstanding with a 17-year-old female of Mahogany Heights village. And earlier this morning in Hattieville, a common-law couple got into a domestic incident during which the man cut the woman, prompting their 14-year-old son to intervene and chop his stepfather. After confirming the details, ACP Broaster discussed what else happened in that case and how police will charge as necessary:vlcsnap-2016-06-01-10h40m01s850

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South: The female was held and prevented from calling the police, when she did manage to call the police and the police responded, the suspect fled into the bushes. Sometime thereafter, he went and hid into the ceiling of the house and when the victim returned with her son, he attacked them both. Hence the reason the son defended his mother and inflicted the wounds upon the suspect, who had inflicted wounds on both of them as well. Domestic violence is a ticklish thing, hence the reason why I am not calling any names in this case, nevertheless, the suspect will be arrested and charged and taken to court for the offenses that he had committed.

Reporter: The son will not be charged any at all because it is elf defense?

ACP Edward Broaster, Officer Commanding Eastern Division South: Yes the son will not be cahrged.


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