Rural villager accused of police assault over traffic offences

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A traffic stop in the village of Bermudian Landing on March 22 led to blows between the arresting officer and the accused and a trip to jail for Willows Bank resident Wilword Humphreys, 38.  Humphreys pleaded not guilty to assault of a police officer, Sergeant Aaron Zuniga, stationed at Bermudian Landing, Belize District, and harm. Humphreys also denies using a motorcycle as an unlicensed motor vehicle, driving an unlicensed motor vehicle, using a vehicle not covered by third party risk insurance and failing to produce a driver’s license. The prosecutor did not object to bail but Magistrate Cayetano explained that he cannot go about assaulting police officers and for that serious allegation, he remanded Humphreys into custody until May 22.  The assault and harm allegedly occurred when Zuniga went to arrest him for the traffic offences.

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