Rusell Hyde, the 8th Child gone

Earlier in our news cast we told you about the murder of 45 year old Russell Hyde Sr. whose death, many say, was imminent. Russell Hyde Sr, was the middle child of a family of 13 children; 8 of them already gone- most of them killed. But though the Hydes have been met with a lot of violence, it is never an easy task to bury a child. We spoke to the patriarch of the family and the eldest brother who told us about Russell’s death- a story foretold.

Avin Hyde Sr.: Well I do believe that Russell after they kill e wife. I told him that Russell I nuh think da the wife they want to kill, you must be careful. His wife was a piece of the person, I she maybe da youvlcsnap-2015-09-01-17h35m02s462 vlcsnap-2015-09-01-17h35m15s335 vlcsnap-2015-09-01-17h35m23s306 and you haffi be careful, and he seh he gwen out fu wah lee time. So he gaan bout 2 weeks to Guatemala area and he come back and he deh round and afterwards he gaan back pan his work again. He like to build house.

Reporter: In terms of the rest of the family members, are you all maybe afraid that this could continue that  something else could happen?

Avin Hyde Sr.:  Well I personally, I nuh afraid because I nuh do anybody anything. I nuh have no kind a enemy weh do anything and I da wah person weh believe inna God and if you nuh do anything I nuh think that somebody a do you something fu nothing.

Avin Hyde Jr.: Probably people think that the family have money and they attack and some a they mia blame jealousy from the start I woulda seh right. Maybe they nuh like see how the family the goan and di do things together you know? We work together, we get along pretty good and like I seh, weh happen with the death of my brother and sisters, I nuh really see the reason for it. When my first brother got shot in Belize City da farmers market inna the meat shop, I was working on a farm in KittiBank for my dad. Me and my uncle Elston Hyde , same Russell hyde. So I say Russell is a hard working guy, at that time he mi just get his hand cut off and I use to admire how that man work. Like I seh, he have his lee ups and downs but apart from that I nuh see the reason why somebody a want killah caz they come afta ah couple of different times, 3 different times but this time they get ah so they must satisfied now.

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