Ruth Logan confident before PUP Convention despite negative publicity

vlcsnap-2013-11-02-13h07m25s163A recent document has been circulating in Facebook purporting that Ruth Logan, one of the four delegates running  for the PUP standard-bearer for the Belmopan constituency, was convicted for the offence of wounding in the year 2009. This might surely put Ruth Logan in a very delicate position considering the timing, and might surely have negative repercussions in this weekend’s PUP convention. We asked Ruth Logan if she believes that will play out to be a negative factor for her at the convention and with some reluctance, she gave her side of the story

vlcsnap-2013-11-02-13h08m04s58Ruth Logan- Standard Bearer Candidate for the PUP

“No it won’t be a fact that.   Get the truth,   Know what happened before you talk..”  



Reporter:   “Tell us what happened”.

Ruth Logan:   “I won’t say it on the air”.

Reporter:   “You must come out with the truth”.

Ruth Logan:   “You can go and check the records.   Okay, you want the truth?   I was attacked in my home.   Do you know when somebody goes in your house and attacks you?   Know the information.  What was I charged of?   If I was being charged, why didn’t I serve prison time?   Why?  Did I ever serve a day in prison? No.   Did I ever serve a day in prison? No.   Everyone have it clear, I was attacked in my own house.   What should I have done?   But you know what?   My life come first.   I have two children and I have a gentleman I have to defend.   So, I fought in my own house.   That’s why the court said, we debounded us over the beans.   It was at my home I was attacked and it was in San Ignacio.   I live in Belize City for 13 years.   I was never attacked.   Everybody knows me, I am a cool person”.

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