Said Musa not ready to leave politics

The Right Honorable Said Musa, now 71 years of age, is in his seventh term of office as area representative for the Fort George division in the House of Representatives and will seek an eighth term in the upcoming general elections. But there have been groundswells of suggestions that he should step down right away rather than risk his health and age for another five-year term. These suggestions have been wrapped up in the ongoing internal reforms over which the PUP is wrangling. Today we put the question to Musa on camera and he repeated that he has yet to make a decision but he is certainly not on the way out anytime soon

Rt. Hon. Said Musa –  Area Rep., Fort Georgevlcsnap-2015-05-08-11h08m58s38
“Of course I’ve considered it, but I will not be guided by what my opposition wants me to do. So, the more Mr. Barrow calls on me, or comments about my age, I need to remind him that I am not the one who have to walk with a walking stick, okay.”

“Sir, hasn’t voters come to you and suggest that?”

Rt. Hon. Said Musa
“No. Not at all. In fact ever since this matter was commented upon in the press, many of my supporters in the Fort George are begging me to stay on.”

“So, you don’t believe it is time to retire from political life?”

Rt. Hon. Said Musa
“I don’t believe it is my time to retire. When I have such a belief I will retire, okay.”

Rt. Hon. Musa was first elected to office in 1979, then returned after defeat in 1989 and has been elected six times in succession with generally healthy majorities. He is the only current member of the House to have been elected before Independence in 1981 and is third behind the late Rt. Hon. George Price and Hon. Philip Goldson in terms of time served in the House.

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