Saldivar family has many questions about father’s sudden death

vlcsnap-2014-07-07-21h24m12s175 The sudden passing of Paul Robert Saldivar, long time resident of Belmopan who recently moved to Camalote, has left the family in shock. Paul is the father of well known attorney at law, Arthur Saldivar and police are still trying to put together the details of what happened. Sometime about 1 am Saturday morning, Saldivar was rushed to t
he Western regional hospital where he later died. The autopsy report by forensic pathologist Dr. Estradaban concluded that the 65 year old Saldivar died of acute pulmonary edema. Due to several visceral observations , and because pulmonary edema, among other things, may also be caused by poisoning or reaction to medication, the family is awaiting the results of a toxicology report. The family says there are several questionable details as it rvlcsnap-2014-07-07-21h24m52s59elates to the circumstances surrounding Paul Saldivar’s sudden death.

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