Salesman robbed outside hotel in Burrell Boom

Authorities are investigating an afternoon robbery report made by a sales representative at Santiago Castillo. The complainant says he was seated in his pickup truck at the Black Orchid Resort in Burrell Boom talking to a woman, when he was approached by two men on a red Lifan Motorcycle. The passenger reportedly pointed a gun at him, while the driver confiscated a bag from out of the sales rep’s vehicle. The bag contained over two thousand dollars in different denominations and one Atlantic Bank cheque in the sum of $500.00 belonging to Santiago Castillo Limited. Also reported stolen were his iPod and a black modem and a money bag and two receipt books property of his company. The men then fled off, allegedly firing a shot in his direction. Police later recovered two expended shells in the area and a motorcycle fitting the description of the one used in the heist in the vicinity of the CD’s Gas Station.

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