Salvadoran-Belizeans Denied Voting Rights at Their General Elections

vlcsnap-2014-02-03-08h08m44s69vlcsnap-2014-02-03-08h15m35s27Last Week Friday we aired an exclusive interview with the Ambassador of El Salvador to Belize, H.E. Ambassador Rolando Ramos, who we caught up with as he was about to leave for El Salvador with a score of five buses full of Salvadorans who live in Belize. They were on their way to participate and cast their votes at the 2014 General elections in El Salvador.

However, according to reliable sources, the busses of people which arrived at the Guatemalan border at Melchor were met by Salvadoran journalists who began to question them about their trip to El Salvador.   But by the time they got to the Salvadoran border, police were there to greet them.

On Sunday, February 2nd, the group of Salvadorans travelling from Belize, made the headlines in one of the largest local newspapers, La Prensa Grafica.  According to a Salvadoran News Station, two of those Salvadorans are alleging ill treatment against them from the time they crossed the border. They went on record to voice their displeasure:

vlcsnap-2014-02-04-19h22m15s166Mrs. Yanira Herrera- Salvadoran Resident in Belize

“We have formed a Pro Salvadorans Committee with the purpose to aim at development.  In this opportunity, we believed we would accomplish it by casting our vote and got involved if we could form a group of persons to come to El Salvador.  It is practically a disastrous thing because they are aggressive on us and when we arrived to the Gymnasium, they aggravated us.  Then, there we were detained by persons treating us as people who are supposedly illegal.  How could we come illegally if we have crossed four borders?  We are Salvadorans who live in Belize.  Not even in Belize we have been treated as we have been treated here in our country, and it is not fair what they are doing against us”.

vlcsnap-2014-02-04-19h47m12s27Mr. Juan Alas- Salvadoran-Belizean and Open Voter of the FMLN

“I am a sympathizer, I am not going to deny it; I fought for the revolution here in the country.  I was born in Suchitoto and fought in Guazapa many times, but thanks to God I am still alive.  But I migrated to Belize.  That government respects me more yonder than this one when I am here”..

According to Mrs. Yanira Herrera, native of El Salvador who resides in Belize, they do not intend to back down and plan to travel with a larger number of buses next general elections.

San Salvador of todayMrs. Yanira Herrera:  “We are Salvadorans and we have that right, and prepare because if this time we only brought five busloads as he said, the next time we are going to bring from 20 to 25 busloads”.

The fleet of buses bringing back the Salvadorans to Belize was scheduled to arrive in the capital city on this evening.

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