Salvadoran found dead in Shallow grave

A decomposed body was found in a shallow grave in the early hours of the morning on July 15th. Police conducted a search in an area 5 miles off the main road of Spring Field Community in the Paraiso Area. During their search they discovered a shallow grave measuring about 6 feet by 3 feet. The police then proceeded to dig the grave and at about one foot in they found the decomposed human remains of 61 year old Osmar Ramos, Salvadoran Naturalized Belizean farmer of Paraiso area with multiple chop wounds to the neck, back of the head, shoulder, and chin. On Thursday Police detained three men from the village of Armenia, however the men have since been released.

Stephanie Grinage, Inspector, Deputy O.C. of Belmopan Police Station “The investigation so far is showing that there was a fight amongst the individual and like I said, the investigation is on-going, so until we establish the exact motive then we will be able to vlcsnap-2015-07-21-11h34m18s115bring further information in regards to Mr. Ramos’ death. The last time Mr. Ramos was seen was sometime in the month of June. We have not established the exact date as yet but it was sometime in June and there wasn’t any missing person report due to the fact that he was on a farm and it’s a secluded area, so the family did not know that he was missing.”

Police continue investigations.

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