Salvadorean woman pleads guilty to immigration charges

vlcsnap-2013-03-20-20h30m18s3543 year old Salvadorean Irma Hilda Alaz Azmitia was reportedly trafficking three boys ages nine, ten and thirteen, and two females ages fourteen and eighteen to teh US on Sunday. It was reported that they all had fake Guatemalan passports with false US Visas and were to board a US flight when they were intercepted. The children were all Azmitia’s grandchildren. Today, Azmitia was arraigned in court and she pleaded guilty to assisting 5 persons to remain in Belize by attempting to use a falsified passport and 5 counts of unlawful possession of documents. No charges of human trafficking could be levied since authorities have insufficient evidence to levy such a  charge.  Azmitia pleaded guilty today and was slapped with $15,550 in fines,all to be paid forthwith,  in default she faces more than 5 years imprisonment. While she expressed that she could pay the fine by 4:30 this evening, she could no, and so was escorted into Immigration Custody.   A removal order was also granted by Magistrate Lucas for her removal as soon as she either pays the fine or serves the time.

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