San Ignacio officers awarded

Also on Friday August 3rd, the police formation of San Ignacio held their monthly officers of the month Award ceremony. 5 officers were awarded during the ceremony for their outstanding performances while a 6th officer was given the unconventional award of best dress. We heard from three of the five officers who received an outstanding performance award. They told us what it feels like to be recognized for their hard work.

Louis Capello, San Ignacio Police: I am very proud of being in San Ignacio working for this community. I feel proud of being recognised like this today. This is a job that we cannot do by ourselves alone as police officers, we need the community to co-operate with us to keep us doing the same job that we are doing because it is for the community and for all of us.

Louis Capello, San Ignacio Police: It’s really a joy to get recognized once again and this is not just my achievement but it’s my team’s achievement because it takes hard work and dedication not only from me but from all of us working together as a team. They are always there for me backing me up in every move that I make.

Louis Capello, San Ignacio Police: I am just grateful that they are aware of our hard work and I would advice my colleagues to also work hard and be reliable on the job and give good services to the community

Louis Capello, San Ignacio Police: My advice to my colleagues is to keep up the hard work, to keep up the high standard of the quality that we give here, to be proud of wearing this uniform and doing what is best for the community. Thank you.

Louis Capello, San Ignacio Police: ‘Work hard, eventually hard work always pay off in everything that you do’

Gitz Stationery in San Ignacio partnered with the San Ignacio Police Department in issuing an award for the best dressed officer. The Stationery store also provided the department with 2 new Decimals Readers in order for the officers to perform their duties with more efficiency. Sandino Mendoza, Manager at Gitz Stationery, told us more about the donation.

Sandino Madoza, Manager of GITZ: We had discussed different options with the Police Department and one of the main issues the community was facing was that a lot of people were complaining about noise. Noise complaints against neighbours and different clubs that play loud and hard music at the middle of the night. And the police officers as I was told are not properly equipped to handle such complaints. In order for the police to be able to handle those situations, they had required their decibel readers so they can sufficiently determine noise pollution.

The officers who received an award were PC Jerson Jones, PC Orlando Cunil , PC Henry Lemus, PC Eric Mendez and Cpl. Simon Aranda. WPC Gongora was given the best dressed award.

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