San Ignacio Police arrest one of their own

San Ignacio police have arrested one of their own for police brutality. Over a month ago, a resident of San Ignacio, Gustavo Williams, reported to authorities that while he was detained at the station for domestic problems, 26 year old Police Constable Kent Thompson opened the cell door and beat him up. Williams told investigators that he was struck on the left shoulder, left arm, left side of the abdomen, right leg, and right arm. In an interview with Plus TV, the Deputy Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police formation, Inspector Reymundo Reyes, told us more.


Insp. Reymundo Reyes, Deputy O. C. San Ignacio: About a month ago there was a young man, Gustavo Williams who was detained by police in respect to a domestic issue. The gentleman was brought into the station and locked up and it is reported by Mr. Williams that sometime after midnight, whilst in the cell block, apparently he was calling for the police asking that he be released. When a police officer, vlcsnap-2015-11-11-22h14m12s123who he described, and due to surveillance footage, we managed to establish who the officer was who open the cell block door and lashed him with a baton that he had in his position on his body several times causing bruises to his arms, legs and to his left side of his rib cage. As a result, an investigation was launched, a statement was recorded. A medical form issued and the gentleman requested court action into the matter. So yesterday Kain Thompson, police officer attached to san Ignacio formation was formally arrested and charged for harm. He was arraigned and granted bail at the sum of $800.

26 year old Thompson was arraigned at the Magistrate’s Court in San Ignacio on Monday where he was granted bail of $800. He is scheduled to return to court on December 30th 2015. The Commanding Officer of San Ignacio further noted that recommendations will be made to the Commissioner of Police to have the officer placed on interdiction as part of a statement of non-tolerance for such breach of professionalism.

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