San Ignacio Town Councillor Detained for Unruly Behaviour

Plus News received information over the weekend that a San Ignacio Town Councillor was detained by Police Saturday night because of his conduct in public.

Cayo welcomePolice were called out to the San Ignacio Welcome Center to address an altercation and when they arrived the Councillor, who we understand was under the influence of alcohol, began interfering in the police proceedings.

We were able to confirm from Cayo Police that they decided to Search the Town councillor and that search led to the discovery of a 9mm Glock on his person along with several rounds of ammunition.

While the councillor has a valid license, according to the law, no one should carry a firearm while intoxicated.

The councillor was taken into custody at the San Ignacio Police station and an officer proceeded to write up the charges. However, we understand that a small throng of UDP supporters began gathering at the station, demanding his release.  A Minister of Government, also intervened via telephone, demanding the Councillor’s immediate release.

After the police reportedly endured intimidation and threats of being placed on charges and transfers, the councilor walked out of police custody less than an hour later without any charges laid.

We cannot release the name of the San Ignacio Town councilor since Police were unable to charge him.

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