San Ignacio woman celebrates 106th birthday


Camila Espinosa of San Ignacio, Cayo, celebrated her 106th birthday on Thursday. The momentous occasion was celebrated in grand style at the Octavia Waight Helpage Center in Cayo, where Camilla has been living for the past ten years.  Luis Pullido told us more about the event.

vlcsnap-2014-07-18-10h43m01s170Luis Pulido – Octavia Waight Centre

“Today we have one of our residents, who has been with us from 2005, completing her birthday of 106 years old.  Of course, it’s a special time for the home.  It’s hard to find people of a hundred years [of age].  For us, and a few family members, it’s a special occasion.”

Camila had one son but he has already died, as well as her husband. She does have grandchildren, some of whom were in attendance at the birthday party. Those who have known Ms Espinosa for many years spoke highly of her and said that she attributes her long life to a type of lifestyle that involves hard work, discipline and routine.

vlcsnap-2014-07-18-10h17m59s71Orlando Habet

“She often told us that her lifestyle was different from what our lifestyle is today.  As a child, growing up in San Ignacio, we used to visit her. Maybe when you’re nine [or] ten years of age, we recall going to the farm, and at 4:30 in the morning she would wake us up.  At five o’clock we’re having our first meal, by ten a second one, by three another one, by four or five another one.  By 6:30 she would have us going to bed already, so that the next morning she wakes us up to go fill the drums with water from the river, to start grinding the corn to make the tortillas.  Her husband and herself, the do their food on the fire-hearth.  We always had meat on the barbeque, on top of the smoke.  I can recall she just cutting up the meat, putting it in the beans.  He hunts.  The usual meats of the times [included] deer. She thinks that getting up early, working hard, going to bed early, and eating several times a day but not big meals but small meals, she thinks that has made her live this long.”

Camilla broke her hip a few years ago and is confined to a wheel chair but caregivers say she eats well and still converses about the good old days.

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