San Ignacio’s Officers of the Month

The Belize Western Police Division had a brief ceremony on Friday June 24th at their headquarters in San Ignacio where they honored officers of the month for June 2016. Corporal Michael Salazar told us about some of the criteria looked at when choosing officers of the month.

Michael Salazar, San Ignacio Policevlcsnap-2016-06-29-10h20m13s838

“Well I was looking for proper attire and how proudly they dress themselves because the way you dress is the way your viewed and if you dress appropriate then you get that kind of respect. Having them dressed the appropriate way shows clearly that they are being very responsible, very professional and that they are proud to be a olice officer.”

Corporal Stephen Parham told us what is was like receiving the award for officer of the month and best dressed.

Corporal Stephen Graham, Officer of the Month

“Well I must say that it is a very good feeling and I am very glad to be selected as the officer of the month and likewise to be the best dressed officer. I would just like to encourage my colleagues to do the same and to come out and do what is right and what is expected vlcsnap-2016-06-29-10h21m54s981of us. My advice for the general public is to continue to work along with the police. When you see a crime or any wrong doing happening fell free to give us a call and inform us about the situation that is happening.”


These officers were selected by their superiors based on their consistent performance, hard work, professionalism, commitment and dedication to service.

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