San Martin School reaps from farming project

Saint Martin’s Government school in SalvaPan, Belmopan reaps the first crop of a farming project in partnership with the Belmopan Police department. According to OC Howell Gillett, just a few months ago the Belmopan Police partnered with the Taiwanese Embassy and the Ministry of Agriculture to create farming in three schools to augment the schools feeding programs. San Martin, being one of those schools, only three months later, is now reaping fresh produce. Plus News spoke to OC Howell Gillett this afternoon, who told us more.

OC Howell Gillett

The end product of a project that started to have their vision to have young people have a quality education we saw that most of the kids that are coming to school don’t have breakfast and some do and we find it necessary to get involve to see the end product .The Taiwanese ambassador and have given $5,000 to each district.

We also had a chance to speak with the school’s principal about their partnership with the police department.

Mrs Enriquez School principal

It all started they had partnered up with us in terms of getting a feeding program going and that feeding program was only breakfast and the gardening is a project that goes along with the feeding program so in other words we are growing our own vegetables to help  sustain the feeding program ..

Ms. Enriquez also stated that the program brings something that is real and relevant to her students and school.  The Police commissioner has also expressed hopes that sometime in the future this project can be implemented throughout schools in the Capital and surrounding villages.


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