San Pedro Columbia Village council demands works done in community

Oscar Requena, the Area Representative of Toledo West, along with the San Pedro Colombia village council, held a small protest at the Ministry of Works compound in Punta Gorda.  He says the community feels that it is being neglected while Government equipment is being used for private initiatives.

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“We have the leaders of San Pedro Columbia, the Chairman and the Alcalde of the community. We are here this morning because we want to speak to Mr. Guerra who is the district supervisor for the Ministry of Works. We want to bring to his attention the fact that San Pedro Columbia; the streets are in a very deplorable condition. The farmer’s roads have not been given any attention in term of upgrading them and what is disturbing is that we saw them working on a private road and that road is only accessed by one family.”

Requena says that the community is demanding that works be done for them before any private job is done in the area.

Oscar Requena, Area Representative of Toledo West

“The two government trucks have been taking material into that road as well as the grader. We had an emergency meeting yesterday and the leaders and we were given the mandate to come and speak to Mr. Guerra and to say to him that we want our street to be upgraded before any other private job is done in that community.”

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