San Pedro election results being questioned

While the UDP have claimed victory for the San Pedro Town Council, there are still uncertainties lingering. At a press conference today, while the Prime Minister presented UDP Incumbent mayor Daniel Danny Guerrero as the victor in that municipality, at the same time, in San Pedro, Returning Officer Catherine Cumberbatch was meeting with PUP officials who were registering their protest in regards to the previous day’s results.  The results as announced by the Returning OfficerCumerbatch gave UDP Mayoral candidate Daniel Danny Guerrero 2,667 votes, which happens to be the least number of votes for his team. The PUP Candidate, Abner Andre Perez received 2,629, losing by a margin of only 38 votes. But sharp observation of one astute journalist, Ingrid Ferlo, who was stationed in San Pedro, reported, ” When you add up the mayoral candidates numbers you get a total of 5296 votes. This is a screen shot taken of the presiding officer’s computer screen. However, the total votes cast according to the Elections and Boundaries website is 5134. This apparently shows a discrepancy of 162 votes.” The observation has created a flurry of activity on Facebook as well as in the PUP and UDP Political camps and has put the Elections and boundaries Department on the Defence. The PUP Secretariat has acknowledged their dissatisfaction with the results of the San Pedro results, as they had already claimed victory in San Pedro, a town that has eluded them for several election cycles. According to freelance journalist Ingred Ferlo, at the meeting this afternoon which lasted for about an hour, the PUP Secretariat representatives requested a recount but the UDP representatives rejected the suggestion. The impasse has prompted the

Elections and Boundaries Department to issue a Press Release while PM Barrow was still in press Conference mode. The Elections and Boundaries Department’s Statement on the concerns raised in relation to the Voter Turnout for the San Pedro Town Council Elections of March 7th, 2018 reads “The Department wishes to assure the general public that the official result of the San Pedro Town Council Election has not yet been released by the Elections and Boundaries Department. This information will only be released upon receipt of the official forms from the Returning Officer and after all figures have been checked and verified for accuracy. The information that is presently available on the Elections and Boundaries Department website ( in relation to the San Pedro Town Council is the hourly count figures which the department receives at one hour intervals during polling.  This information is shared with the public to keep them updated on the number of persons who have voted within an hour and is in no way to be interpreted as the official number of persons who vote in the election. This is due to the fact that at time of receiving the information, it is likely that persons are still waiting in line to cast their vote.” In a telephone conversation with PUP Mayoral Candidate Andre Perez, he told PlusNews that   “Something is not adding up out here in San Pedro with the Boxes tallying up. We are doing some investigations as the figures are not adding up” Perez says that in the small cramped counting room only 7 of his people were allowed to oversee the simultaneous counting of 15 boxes. One of his counters is also alleging that in Box “R  some 413 ballot papers where in the box but Elections and Boundaries has posted only 327. The PUP has not yet produced any official comment on what they believe has happened in San Pedro and what their next steps will be.

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