San Pedro Taxi man charged with rape of minor

San Pedro resident, 50 year old Alfonso Wiltshire was arrested and charged for the rape of a minor. President of the San Pedro Taxi Association, Alfonso Wiltshire, was arraigned last week Friday for forcibly raping a thirteen year old girl at least five times, once by gunpoint.  Itvlcsnap-2015-10-21-20h12m59s200 appears that Wiltshire used his position as the owner of an apartment building on San Pedro by using his keys to enter the room of the victim when her mother was not there, threatening to kill her if she told. Somehow, the mother became aware of the situation and reported the matter to police.  A medical examination conducted on the thirteen year old girl confirmed that she had been carnally known. Wiltshire was remanded to the Belize Central Prison, but there may be more charges pressed against Wiltshire as police say they believe that Wiltshire may have used his landlord status to target victims between the ages of ten and fourteen. Police are asking the public if they have any information that may be pertinent to this investigation to contact them.

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