Sanjay Lino acquitted of murder of Ernesto Myvette

After almost 5 years on remand for the murder of a Sand hill resident, tonight, 22 year old Sanjay Lino is free of murder after the victim’s son told the court he is not sure of the identity of one of 3 men whom he met on their way to his father’s grocery shop in Sandhill village and who he told police shot and killed his father during a robbery there. 53 year old Ernesto Myvette was shot twice to the body and robbed of his gun; his son had said that because of a prior confrontation he knew who the attackers were. He gave police a statement in 2011 and identified Sanjay Lino during an identification parade that allowed police to charge Lino for murder alone and jointly with others for abetment to murder.  In his testimony, Jermaine Myvette told the court he was not sure after all of the identity of the man who killed his father. With that, the prosecution closed its case and the judge acquitted Lino of the murder due to insufficient identification evidence to link him to the murder of Myvette. Myvette had told police that he met the men as they were coming in and he was leaving and he saw them acting suspiciously. As he turned to go back to the shop one of them asked him, “where are you going?” while motioning toward his waist, and then ran back toward the shop, shouting that the owner’s son was coming. As Jermaine followed, he heard a shot and saw the three men running out; they fired at him with Ernesto’s stolen weapon but missed as Jermaine dodged. With Jermaine Myvette’s testimony the sole evidence linking Lino to the crime, and that now being destroyed, Lino was acquitted. He was represented by Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson. Crown Counsel Sheneiza Smith prosecuted and Justice Troadio Gonzalez presided.

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