Santender withdraws request for SSB loan

The Chief Financial Officer of the Santander Sugar Group, Andres Ay-au, today addressed a press conference in Belize City in which he announced that the group has formally withdrawn its request for a $12 million loan from the Social Security Board (SSB).The Group, based in Guatemala but featuring investors from multiple countries, says it has obtained the money from another source. Ay-au bemoaned the “politics” to which the matter was subjected, urging Belizeans to give Santander and other investors a chance to bring real economic development to the country. He explains what he meant: However, with a further $30 million to be invested in the coming months, vlcsnap-2016-02-15-11h27m00s468Santander will offer the Board another chance to invest. Ay-au tells us more:The bottom line for the group is that the investment was made risky by the public opposition:

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