Sarstoon Restriction SI revoked

The Government of Belize has announced that it has revoked the Sarstoon Prohibition SI which was placed into effect on April 29th of this year.  Government made the announcement on Tuesday May 24, 2016, following a cabinet session, just 5 days shy of when the restriction would have been lifted according to the SI.  Via a press release today, Government  says that  it has asked the Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young to sign a Statutory Instrument revoking, with immediate effect, the Sarstoon Prohibition SI. The release says,

Government’s decision comes as a consequence of the agreement reached in Turkey between Belize and Guatemala regarding the Sarstoon. That agreement commits both sides to start work now on a formal cooperation mechanism that will respect Belize’s and Guatemala’s respective use and navigation of the Sarstoon. While the formal mechanism is being worked on, the two sides have informally accepted a situation in which there will be untrammeled traffic for Belize’s military and civilians along the Sarstoon.”vlcsnap-2016-05-25-10h15m47s865

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