SATIIM boosted by report demanding stop to oil exploration

On Wednesday afternoon PLUS News was informed of the release of a new report by Minority Rights Group International calling for a suspension of oil exploration in the Sarstoon Temash National Park. MRG will, on Thursday, release a new report alleging that the “Belizean government has allowed US Capital Energy Belize, Ltd to explore for oil on Maya and Garifuna land without consultation, or the free, prior and informed consent of these communities.” It accuses U.S. Capital of unfair tactics in the area including inappropriate lobbying, false promises of employment and large gifts to communities and demands that the company stop its activity and resume only after the government Greghas obtained the free, prior and informed consent of the Maya and Garifuna peoples who live in the area.” We contacted Greg Ch’oc, SATIIM executive director who told us that a formal interview will be given tomorrow at the release of the report.

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