Saturday Evening Murder in Old Capital

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h02m39s158There was also a murder on Saturday evening in Belize City. 24 year old Malcom Wagner was the second murder victim of the weekend. According to police, Wagner was shot twice t the back and once to the right thigh.

Wagner was standing alone at the corner of Flamboyant Street and Poinsettia Street, Belize City when a car drove pass and fired several shots in his direction causing his injuries. Less than an hour later, Wagner succumbed to the injuries.

Police have retrieved five .32 expended shells from the area.

But what led to Wagner’s death?  Family members say he was left at home alone watching a World Cup match and received a phone call.  His grandmother, Evadne Welch, describes what happened next.

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h04m51s188Mrs. Evadne Welch- Mother of the Deceased

“My daughter checked the phone and e seh e get one phone call, and da the phone call and e gone to the lane with the person, and da right deh the thing happened”.

Reporter:  “Do you know the person?”

Mrs. Evadne Welch:  “I don’t know; I wasn’t  I don’t know the person“.

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h07m48s186Reporter:  “Do you believe it is a set-up?”

Mrs. Evadne Welch:  “Yes, yes, that is the phone call’.

Reporter:  “Do you know if your grandson had any threat on him?”

Mrs. Evadne Welch:  “All the time.  Form the time he subdue wa bway outya weh mih shoot-up, shoot-up, they hold the boy with the police and from that time, after…and the next time deh mih daze e hand right deh by the lane, deh mih shot e hand.  But e seh e no fear fih them.  E baan right ya so da number 3 Flamboyant Street and e ahn dead da number 3 Flamboyant Sreet.  He no dih run from nobody”.

Reporter:  “Was Malcolm part of any gang association?” 

According to his family, Wagner reportedly told someone the name of his attacker.  Police say they have yet to hear from that person but are following up all leads. Welch and her granddaughter Flora Flores say they hope police act quickly to catch the killer.

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h27m55s30Flora Flores- Sister of the Deceased

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-21h32m12s229“Well, I hope because they say my brother see the person who shotta and before dem puttah eena the vehicle, my bredda said who did it and the name who he gave.  I hyope the person who took the name of the person who my bredda mih give”.


Mrs. Evadne Welch:  “But the police them dih try them best.   This thing dih go on from long ago.  I want good for everybody and I want good for myu grandchildren. So , I want the police, the cooperation of the public and the neighbourhood to find the killer because here everybody say they know da who.   “.

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