School controversies still unresolved

On Tuesday January 27th, members of the parents teachers association of the Arms of Love Primary School located in the Kontiki Area of San Ignacio staged a protest calling for the immediate removal of the principal.

The complaints date back to 2012, which we understand is the year the principal came into office; however nothing was done and the issue was not brought back up until earlier this year when parents decided that enough was enough and refused to send their kids to school if nothing was done.


vlcsnap-2015-02-25-06h57m50s135Luis Carballo – Principal Education Officer, Cayo District

“The allegations against her is the way that she has been treating parents and teachers. And parents are concern because of the way she has been treating their children, that she shouts at them, sometimes pull them or argues with them or in a way that they feel it’s not necessary.

 The Principal has been in position  for approximately three years.  In 2012 we has a complaint from the parents. We had a meeting with the PTA at the time, the management, the Principal and the staff, to discuss some of the things that they can do in order to alleviate these issues.

Since 2012 the parents did not say [if] it continued or anything.  So at the time, if there is no complaint, we thought that the things had improved.”


Since the school is a church/state school and not a government school, the Ministry is not directly involved in the management of the primary school. However the Ministry and the International Church Foursquare of Belize, the managers of the school, hold regular meetings, but according to Luis Carballo the management’s reports of the school had no indication that the complaints continued.


vlcsnap-2015-02-25-08h26m21s13Luis Carballo  

“We have regular meetings with the management.  Nothing of that came up from the management that these things continued.  In fact, the reports were good, until it resurfaced this time of the year again. That is the reason the management took it up again. 

Because the management is changing, they’re carrying out an investigation on the issue, and then they will see what the result is. 

I am not too sure as to the exact  date on which the administrative leave began.  I have it in my office.  This is going into the fourth week, but you have 20 working days that  the administrative leave is due, and if no charges are brought against her  within that 20 days, then she can be returned to her position  without prejudice.”


According to the management of the school the 20 day of leave expires sometime next week. During the absence of the principal the management of the school has placed one of the school’s teachers as the acting principal.

Plus news spoke to the president of the International Church Foursquare of Belize who told us that while some decisions have been made there is nothing definitive as yet. A meeting is set for Tuesday night to continue discussions on the way forward on this issue.

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